Anagrams – Sexually transmitted infections


  1. aluminium approvals hm
  2. baptise hit
  3. gnarliest wat
  4. oranger oh
  5. madly chia
  6. icicle pub
  7. bice ass
  8. ciao ironsmiths
  9. his ply is
  10. assayed plaintive commercial


  1. Human papillomavirus
  2. Hepatitis B
  3. Genital warts
  4. Gonorrhoea (edit if using American English)
  5. Chlamydia
  6. Pubic lice
  7. Scabies (not solely an STI but most often transmitted thus)
  8. Trichomoniasis
  9. Syphilis
  10. Pelvic inflammatory disease

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