Pub Quiz Questions – TV & Film

A handy list of pub quiz questions based around the theme: TV & film. Answers are below.


  1. Who are Pepe, Gonzo and Fozzie, and can you name any of their friends?
  2. How many questions do you have to answer correctly to become a millionaire on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Who is the current presenter?
  3. What British television series, launched in 1990, has its contestants dress up as, and sing in the voice of, a famous singer? Can you name one of its presenters?
  4. Who said “No likey, no lighty”, and on what TV dating show?
  5. What game show has resulted in two men being the biggest game show winners in international television history, and in which language is it made?
  6. Name 3 actors who have portrayed James Bond.
  7. Adjusting for inflation, what is the highest grossing film of all time?
  8. Who was the first actress to win an Oscar for depicting another Oscar-winning actress? Name both.
  9. What was the first American film to show a toilet flushing, and who directed it?
  10. Who said Marvel movies “aren’t cinema”, and what did he compare them to?


  1. Muppets; any of Kermit, Miss Piggy, etc.
  2. 15; Jeremy Clarkson
  3. Stars in their Eyes; Leslie Crowther, Russ Abbot, Matthew Kelly, Davina McCall, Cat Deeley, Harry Hill
  4. Paddy McGuinness; Take Me Out
  5. Jeopardy!; English
  6. James Bond actors:
    1. Sean Connery (1962–1971, 1983)
    2. David Niven (1967)
    3. George Lazenby (1969)
    4. Roger Moore (1973–1985)
    5. Timothy Dalton (1987–1989)
    6. Pierce Brosnan (1995–2002)
    7. Daniel Craig (2006–2020)
  7. Gone With The Wind
  8. Cate Blanchett; Katherine Hepburn
  9. Psycho; Alfred Hitchcock
  10. Martin Scorsese; theme parks

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