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Joe Rogan ‘Gollum’ story goes viral and sparks hilarious debate

A parody story, titled Joe Rogan Tries The Gollum Lifestyle, posted yesterday by Redactor u/PunishedKojima has received 800 comments and been upvoted more than 55,000 times. Here are some of the funnier reactions to the Joe Rogan Gollum satirical story.

Reddit user PunishedKojima posts funny Joe Rogan Gollum story

Posted yesterday (November 29), the story apes Joe Rogan’s manner of speaking, and discusses the “genius” and “paleo diet” of Gollum, a character from the Lord Of The Rings books and films.

“There’s this little dude, Gollum, he’s a fuckin’ genius, man”, runs the story. “Eats nothing but raw meat, fish; dude’s got his paleo diet down to an art, man.”

The post has been upvoted 55,000 times, at time of writing, and has 800 comments from other Reddit users. One commenter drew attention to how “pretty damn fit and athletic” Gollum looks for “a 500 year old dude”.

“Didn’t he spend most of those 500+ years just sitting in a cave staring at a ring?” another contested. “I don’t think the events of LotR are an accurate depiction of Gollum’s normal activity level.”

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What episode is the Joe Rogan Gollum story from?

It’s not from a specific episode, because Joe Rogan didn’t really say it. 

In response to a comment that recommended “whoever wrote” the post for “an award”, the OP, u/PunishedKojima, replied, “I wrote it lol”.

Aside from the syntax and lexicon matching Joe Rogan’s, the post’s believability – the reason it works at all, as satire – comes from the fact that Rogan has spoken several times during episodes of his podcast about eating a pure meat diet.

When he tried it, however, it ended (after just two weeks) in “explosive uber diarrhoea”.

During an appearance on Rogan’s podcast, Jordan Peterson once regaled his host with tales of his own all-meat diet. 

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