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Hi, I’m Bruno

ONURBICYCLE is my frequently updated folio site – by turns literary, humorous, anecdotal and journalistic. The collection includes travel guides, reviews and personal narratives from (so far) Israel, Sri Lanka, India, China and the Philippines. Stay tuned.

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I am a freelance content writer and editor, blogger, sub-editor, proofreader, report writer, reviewer, screenwriter and novelist. I can transcribe subtitles and ghostwrite novels. I have experience teaching English Literature, Maths, English as a foreign language, guitar and ukulele to people of all ages. I can tutor online. I am on Upwork, LinkedIn, Listiller, Writers Academy and some other sites too. I have content on Medium, and have written for Groundviews and Travelista.

You can view examples of my independent work on this site, and get an idea of previous projects (some collaborative, some personal) over on brunocooke.co.uk. Have a great day and wear lots of things on your sleeve.

Contact me by clicking contact me. There is also an email address at the bottom of this screen, and some social media icons. Or, if you’re feeling romantic, whistle it to the sky.

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