Anagrams – Sexually transmitted infections

Questions: aluminium approvals hm baptise hit gnarliest wat oranger oh madly chia icicle pub bice ass ciao ironsmiths his ply is assayed plaintive commercial Answers: Human papillomavirus Hepatitis B Genital warts Gonorrhoea (edit if using American English) Chlamydia Pubic lice Scabies (not solely an STI but most often transmitted thus) Trichomoniasis Syphilis Pelvic inflammatory disease Continue reading Anagrams – Sexually transmitted infections

Anagrams – Vegan/vegetarian celebrities

Questions: earlywoods horn el engenders eel nonmaterial tap hammiest whorl equinox pion haj glee panel enlards slurb i fleecer help miff heady burka bogey muriate oceans dozy heel months czar jaws swan Answers: Woody Harrelson Ellen DeGeneres Natalie Portman Liam Hemsworth Joaquin Phoenix Ellen Page Russell Brand Michelle Pfeiffer Erykah Badu Tobey Maguire Zooey Deschanel Jason Schwartzman Continue reading Anagrams – Vegan/vegetarian celebrities

Anagrams – Ways to pass your time during quarantine

Questions: ginger kit tightness gnarr hey moisten spite wank snapshooter baking bread plastered tender move shark pout Or, without reverting to screens… sporty crowds circs git rambutans Answers: Tiger King Stranger Things Money Heist Twin Peaks The Sopranos Breaking Bad Arrested Development South Park Cryptic crosswords You’ll have to work this one out yourselves Continue reading Anagrams – Ways to pass your time during quarantine