Questions – Mixology

Questions: What do you get when you mix pink and yellow paints? What do you get when you mix hydrogen gas and oxygen? What do you get when you mix vinegar with baking soda? What […]

Questions – World travel

Questions: Yaren, Yerevan, Yaounde and Yamoussoukro are the only four capital cities that begin with Y – which countries are they the capitals of? What is the world’s largest freshwater lake called, and which country […]

Questions – Lots of laughs

Questions: What is the name of the tower block in which the Trotters live in Only Fools and Horses? Who brought us the Ministry of Silly Walks? Who were the first two regular team captains […]

Questions – Videogames

Questions: What are the cheats for 1,000 and 50,000 simoleons in SIMS? How many Grand Theft Auto games are there in the main series, and who is the main developer/publisher of the series? What does […]

Questions – Superheroes

Questions: Who were the first two Marvel superheroes, published in comic form in 1939? Where was the Man of Steel born, and what was his birth name? Who was the first majorly popular marvel teenage […]