Pub Quiz: A collection of quiz materials

I administrate a weekly pub quiz for some friends in the Philippines. This has been going on for some time. I design the pub quizzes myself.

More than once, I have been encouraged to make these quizzes available online. There is an appetite, I am told, for online quiz materials. More than that, there is an appetite for interesting quizzes (my participants are mostly teachers, and competitive quizzers), which are not so run-of-the-mill.

I hope this quiz archive can act as something of a trove, for any would-be quiz masters without the time and/or wherewithal to put together their own.

Pub quiz format

Regularity is king. When designing lessons, structure is important. So, too, when putting together a pub quiz. My quizzes comprise the following sections:

  • 3 question rounds, each of 10 questions
  • 1 set of anagrams – usually 8 or 10 – on a particular theme
  • 1 riddle round – somewhere between 6 and 10 ‘riddles’ – again, on a theme
  • 1 image round, where contestants have to either connect images, identify the people/places/objects within them, or etc.
  • 1 bonus question, to be deployed as necessary.
Just a fun little pic

The quiz runs in the following way:

  1. At the beginning, I provide ANAGRAMS and RIDDLES for quiz teams to complete in their own time. This is a handy way to occupy them while I do necessary admin.
  2. During, or between, question rounds, quiz teams are free to work on ANAGRAMS and RIDDLES, so as not to get bored. Members who feel disempowered on a particular round can occupy themselves with one of these.
  3. After FIRST ROUND of questions, I provide the IMAGES. Like the previous two visual rounds, these can be completed at the participants’ leisure.
  4. After EACH ROUND of questions, I mark them all, read out the answers, and reveal the scores so far.
  5. After ALL ROUNDS of questions, I mark the ANAGRAMS, RIDDLES and IMAGES.
  6. If two teams are tied, or if the team that usually wins is winning, I like to have a BONUS QUESTION up my sleeve, to give another team a chance.

Quiz materials:

Below are all the quiz materials I have produced so far. I will continue to add to this trove, as long as I make quizzes. Please enjoy!



Anagrams – Sexually transmitted infections

Anagrams – Vegan/vegetarian celebrities

Anagrams – Comedians & scientists

Anagrams – Ways to pass your time during quarantine

Anagrams – Sex positions

Anagrams – Island groups


Riddles – Finish the lyric (plus song and artist)

Riddles – Comedy duos (initials)

Riddles – First lines (name the song and the artist)

Riddles – Advertising slogans (name the brand)

Riddles – Catchphrases & famous lines (who said it, in what show?)

Riddles – Pseudonyms vs real names

Riddles – Disease dating profiles (what disease am I?)

Quiz questions

Questions – Mixology

Questions – World travel

Questions – Lots of laughs

Questions – Maths, nature and the Solar System

Questions – Videogames

Questions – Superheroes

Questions – Modern world

Questions – Popular music

Questions – Stories

Questions – Politics & Current affairs

Questions – TV & Film

Questions – Miscellaneous

Questions – Mythology

Questions – Consumables (food and drink)

Questions – Are you smarter than a 10-year-old?

Questions – Sagas

Questions – World

Questions – “Back 2 Skool”