Questions – Consumables (food and drink)


  1. Which are the 3 biggest wine-producing nations?
  2. Match the most-consuming nation with the most-consumed food:
    1. Pizza, chocolate, fish, rice, baked beans
    2. UK, Maldives, Laos, Norway, Switzerland
  3. Why is Spam called Spam?
  4. Why is ‘saag aloo’ called ‘saag aloo’?
  5. Why is HP sauce called HP sauce? +1 bonus pt. for where it is produced.
  6. Why is soda called soda?
  7. In all the countries in which it is sold, Coca Cola is the best-selling soft drink – except in one. In which country is Coca Cola outsold, and by which soft drink?
  8. What is the most popular beer in the world, by volume consumed? Where is it from?
  9. What are the 3 main ingredients of béchamel sauce?
  10. What are 3 of the main ingredients of the Philippine dish sisig?


  1. Italy, France, Spain
  2. Match them up:
    1. Pizza – Norway
    2. Chocolate – Switzerland
    3. Fish – Maldives
    4. Rice – Laos
    5. Baked beans – UK
  3. It is a combination of spiced + ham
  4. Saag = spinach, aloo = potato
  5. HP stands for Houses of Parliament; it is produced in the Netherlands
  6. It is named after the sodium salts in the water
  7. Scotland; Irn Bru
  8. Snow; China
  9. Butter, milk and flour
  10. Any 3 from pig snout/cheeks/ears, chicken liver/heart, onion, calamansi, raw egg, chilli
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