Questions – World


  1. Place these animals in order of when they were declared extinct in the wild:
    1. Passenger pigeon
    2. West African black rhinocerous
    3. Thylacine, or Tasmanian tiger
    4. Sabre-toothed cat
    5. Dodo
    6. Woolly mammoth
  2. What is the largest organism in the world, and in which country is it found?
  3. What is the highest temperature ever recorded on earth, and where was it (within 1 degree Celsius)?
  4. Which European country has the longest coastline, and it is in the EU?
  5. What are the two double landlocked countries in the world?
  6. What is Han Song Doong and where is it?
  7. Which sea has the lowest salt content in the world? Name one country it touches.
  8. What is the punishment for killing a Philippine eagle?
  9. In which film, directed by Mikhail Red, does a girl kill a Philippine eagle, causing her family’s life to be turned upside down? How does she kill it?
  10. Which country has the most islands? Bonus point for number to nearest ten thousand.


  1. Sabre-toothed cat (11,700BC), woolly mammoth (1700BC), dodo (1662), passenger pigeon (1900), Tasmanian tiger (1910-20), West African black rhinocerous (2011)
  2. The Humongous Fungus (a giant fungus); Oregon, USA
  3. 56.7; Furnace Creek, California
  4. Norway; no
  5. Uzbekistan and Liechtenstein
  6. The largest cave in the world; Vietnam
  7. Baltic Sea + one of Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Russia
  8. Prison sentence; 12 years
  9. Birdshot, with a shotgun
  10. Sweden; 267,570
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