The Frip

A poem on Friday

Every Friday morning, The Friday Poem puts an original, unpublished poem on its front page. It stays there for a week. When a new poem arrives, the old poem is archived. The previous three Friday Poems are archived on the front page so they get a bit more glory, and older poems will be archived separately. It also publishes poetry book reviews and articles of interest to poets and poetry readers. Subscribers get an email on Friday morning with the Friday poem, details of new reviews or articles, and a bit of chat. Subscribe to The Friday Poem here.

Bruno Cooke is The Friday Poem’s Spoken Word Editor. He studied Comparative Literature at Queen Mary College and an MA in global journalism at Sheffield University. He has lived in France, China, Sri Lanka and the Philippines, working as a writer, educator, and occasional chef, and has worked as a freelance journalist, primarily for GRV Media, since 2019. He has written one novel (Reveries), four plays and two feature screenplays. He likes, among other things: black and white Japanese films, pub quizzes, fermentation and baklava. 

He has written about Joelle Taylor, Kae Tempest and Hollie McNish, reviewed PJ Harvey’s Orlam and profiled the poet T S Idiot for the digital magazine. Find his published works on The Friday Poem’s website.