Top 5 Vegan Food in Poblacion, Makati City

Looking for vegan food in Poblacion to sweeten that space between bars? Line your stomach with some of the finest international vegan cuisine in town, by visiting any of the following 5 eateries.

Where there is a will, there is a way. And where there is a demand, there is a supply. In Poblacion, Makati City’s thriving and vibrant red light district and social hub, there is, it seems, a demand for great vegetarian and vegan food. From hole-in-the-wall vegan pizza at great prices, to much larger establishments, Poblacion has it all. And here are my top 5 recommendations!

All of the following are nestled right within the Poblacion district, so don’t worry about walking too far from place to place! It’s easier to find vegan food in Poblacion, Makati, than you thought.

5. The Social: Indonesian

While it may not be an exclusively vegan, or even vegetarian, place, The Social’s very own Indonesian kitchen is definitely worth a visit. Tucked into the courtyard of The Social – Poblacion’s answer to ‘those hot sweaty nights’ – this little nook produces a range of Indonesian delights.

Their menu may be somewhat unpredictable (depending on how generous you’re feeling, you might call it rotating or dynamic), but on a good night, there will be three or four delicious vegetarian and/or vegan options. These include (and may or may not be limited to) gado gado, laksa, nasi campur and sate. Ask them what they can do for YOU. And maybe they’ll do it.

They don’t seem to have a web presence, so you’ll have to take my word for it!

4. Greenery Kitchen

For over 10 years, Greenery Kitchen has been producing some of the finest vegan/vegetarian takes on classic Filipino foods such as kare-kare and sisig. They also run a delivery service and will deliver straight to your door, on a one-off or regularised basis. You will not regret it. Try this food!

If you live close by, it is also worth checking out their organic vegetable boxes, packed with love and delivered directly to you. Choose from different size boxes, and select or de-select in order to design your perfect combination of delicious fruits and veggies.

Visit their website here.

3. The Social: Crosta Vegan Pizza

Steaming into third place is The Social’s other offering. Crosta is hailed by many as the producer of Makati’s best pizza. It certainly makes Makati’s best VEGAN PIZZA.

Not only do they have a solid and original vegan pizza menu, but they will accommodate adjustments too. With a variety of cheeses, mushrooms and other tidbits to choose from, plus stuffed crusts to boot, you’ll have your taste buds tingled to high heaven.

If you want cheese and haven’t got much to spend, you can go for their Basic Bitch, a classic mozzarella which comes in at just 200 pesos. Their vegan offerings will set you back a bit further, up to 500 pesos, but they’re worth it for the decadent delight you’ll feel with every bite.

2. Cosmic Vegan Cafe

Vegan, check. Poblacion, check. Makati, yes.

In second place is one of Poblacion’s, or even Makati’s, vegan staples – a veritable institution of vegan deliciousness. Self-described as a ‘vegetarian & vegan cafe and bistro’, Cosmic is almost a world in and of itself, a microclimate of vegan friendliness just waiting to take you into its folds.

From their website:

Contrary to popular belief, vegetarian and vegan food should actually be more affordable. We want diners to try our version of everyday Japanese, Italian, Filipino, and Mexican dishes without breaking the bank.

The folks behind Cosmic have been vegetarians beyond their recall and Cosmic was built out of passion and need for more vegetarian and vegan options for Manila’s growing health-conscious dwellers.

Agreed! That’s why Cosmic produces healthy, affordable, traditional and fusion foods that everybody can enjoy. You can dine on their delectable Filipino classics – their sisig, for example, absolutely swings – or go for something with a western bent. They are the proof that veganism doesn’t need to cost you. With meals for as little as PHP200, your wallet will thank you.

On top of this, they champion a bunch of great community outreach projects, and host workshops and events in their upstairs lounge, including music meditation sessions. They are great. Check them out!

1. Hummus Elijah
The best vegan food in Poblacion, Makati

It’s come to this. And it’s not even a specialised ‘vegan’ restaurant! Hummus Elijah is another bastion of the vegetarian/vegan cause in Makati. They produce some of the best hummus, falafel, and baklava this side of the South China Sea. If you’re looking for vegetarian or vegan food in Poblacion, Makati, this is the place for you.

A bunch of restaurants and cafes even source their ingredients from Hummus Elijah. Without them, Makati City would not be the same.

They offer a range of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern foods – call it Palestinian, Jordanian, Lebanese or Turkish, they have it covered. They’ll deliver it to your door or you can go in to experience the sumptuous menu in the setting they intended it for. Unbeatable.

From their website:

We aim to provide the friendliest, most helpful service and the freshest, best tasting hummus, salads and platters. We want our guests to integrate Hummus Elijah into their daily healthy lifestyles through our fast service, welcoming atmosphere and of course delicious food.

Get through those doors and eat that hummus!


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  1. loved this article! i run and have been scouting out inspo from other travel posts. my dad is from makati city, so this one specifically hits home!


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